sábado, 28 de septiembre de 2013

[2º ESO] Statistics exercise

[Aquí está el ejercicio de Estadística que os comenté el viernes a los de 2º A. No obstante, no os voy a pedir, finalmente, que lo hagáis en casa sino que lo haremos durante el lunes y el martes en clase. ES MUY IMPORTANTE QUE TRAIGÁIS LOS ORDENADORES ESOS DÍAS. En caso contrario, tendréis que hacerlo todo a mano y os llevará demasiado tiempo]

A pharmaceutical company has developed a new drug and wants to test it and see how fast its effects are. For that reason, they have given the drug to 300 patients and have recorded how many weeks they needed to get better.

Click on the following link to download their data file:

Build a complete frequency table, a bar graph and a pie chart using a spreadsheet document. Save that document with the following name: FULLNAME_NEWDRUG.ods (for example, I would save my work in a file named IgnacioManceraPascual_newdrug.ods).

Create a text document to present your research. Put a title and your name on the top and then copy the table and the graphs into in. On the second page, copy the following questions and anwer them. Save your work in a file named FULLNAME_newdrug.odt. Export your file into a PDF format and e-mail it to me at profesor.imancera@gmail.com.


  1. What was the most common number of weeks to recover? How do we call that?
  2. Complete this sentence: "Half the patients of the group were cured after ..... weeks". How do we called that number?
  3. Find the average number of weeks to recover.
  4. How many patients were cured after the first month?
  5. What percentage of the patients took more than 10 weeks to recover?